10 kinds of bicycles

There are various kind of bicycles on the market for all your needs. Specially designed and made using different materials and features to give you the best performance. If you choose a bike that best fits your style of riding and need, you will surely get one that fits you depending on the type.

For instance:

  1. Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes have been around for a very long time ad are preferred for professional use. Using their26’’ or 29’’ wide knobby wheels, you are sure of a smooth ride even in the rough trails.

They have strong rugged frames which gives them more durability and strength. The flat handlebars ensure you have the best balance and control.

The high quality brakes and lower gears gives you more control and balance. They are also light thus fast speed.

They come in different price ranges. If you are for the aggressive rids and unfriendly terrains, consider going for the expensive ones which can handle all.

Most of them features a top-notch suspension that helps you roll over with ease on features such as rocks, stones or roots.

  1. Road Bikes

Looking for a speedy and light bike, road bikes got you covered. They have skinny and strong wheels which gives you more speed and performance. You are able to glide effortlessly on the road for more efficiency.

The dropped handlebars relieve pressure from your hands or long rides. The tires are pumped up to minimize friction. They are also lightweight thus high speed.

They are designed for paved streets and are effective for racing and training. However, they may not be effective for rough terrains.

  1. BMX/Trick Bike

As the normal motor sport, this Bicycle Motor Cross are designed with more strength to handle short rough terrain.

Their 26’’ wheels give you more control and balance. They are made to handle the terrain with ease. You sure will break the record with these.

They have a very strong and robust frames which gives you more comfort even when doing jumps.

  1. Cyclocross bike

These special kind of bicycles are built to last. They have very strong, wide knobby wheels which can handle all the rough terrains. They are designed to be raced on a dirt trail with obstacles which require the rider dismount and carry the bicycle for some time.

They can handle almost any task a bicycle does.

  1. Hybrid/comfort bike

For more comfort, these bikes have an upright position which ensures you ride smoothly without putting more pressure on your back.

They are a combination of both mountain and road bikes thus offer both the advantages and disadvantages of these bikes.

The slimmer wheels ensure they are fast and lighter for more speed.

  1. Commuting bike

For all your transportation bike, these bikes are the best. They have more amenities unlike other types of bikes. For example, they have racks, bags, locks as well as lights.

These bikes can be used for errands such as getting grocery, going to work and any other. They help you save money, time and are a good form of exercise when riding. They are effective for long rides too.

  1. Track Bike/Fixed Gear

On the other hand, these bikes have a single gear which makes it hard to freewheel. They lack brakes which require the rider to use their leg strength to stop it.

  1. Kids bike

A child’s bike has a special design to be safe for children. Some models come with safety gears to give your children fun while riding and peace of mind at the same time.

  1. Recumbent Bikes

These are the most comfortable bikes on the market. They come with a chair you sit on to lessen your back from strain and pressure.

Because of their low design, they may be very effective on low and flat roads unlike hilly areas which need more leg power.

The added front wheel gives you more stability. More so, the regular gears give you more balance and control.

  1. Tandem Bikes

These bikes are designed for two people. One can sit at the front while the other at the back. Only the front rider has control of the bike.

Their wheels should be strong with more spoke to handle your weight.

These bikes are most effective for Paralympics, where visually impaired riders can participate as well as new and young riders.

There are other types of bikes on the market such as the folding, adult and cruiser bikes but let’s end here for now.

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