About Bikes and Cycling

Bikes have been around for a very long time as they are easy to manage and maintain. Once again, they are gaining more popularity in the modern world as it can be used for recreation, commuting, exercise and professional cycling.

Cycling on the other hand has very many advantages. In some cities of the world, cycling is well known and has become popular among local terrains. It started as a way of transport but has slowly grown into a professional sport.

Most models have been designed to beat all the terrain that they are made for. You cannot go wrong with the right bicycle.

Since the introduction of cycling in the later part of the 19th century, there has been various great men of the bike. They have been records won and other brands emerge as best in the Olympics such as Kona whose designers participate in the sport using their own bikes and win.

Who are the all-time cyclists?

There are various record breakers in cycling that I envy. More so the American, Greg LeMond, who was the first American to win the Tour De France. He won 3 titles whereby he won the last two after recovering from the gunshot wounds. After being shot, he still had the courage to do what he loved and won besides the challenges.

He was an outstanding man of his tie having brought pro cycling in the USA. If he had not been shot, he would have won more championships. What makes my heart melt is his rising above obstacles.

Other best cyclists include:

  • Peter sagan- the best complex cyclist in the world
  • Lance Armstrong-professional road racing cyclist.
  • Bernard Hinault-best overall and aggressive cyclist.

There are other major cyclists who are not named here but were the best.

Cycling has over the years been embraced in different countries, towns and cities. Depending on the liking, people come and race together as a competition.

In various countries, there are various sports that they embrace and compete in them too.

Not every place is good for cycling. For instance, you cannot ride your bike in a crowded and dirty city. This may increase accident levels as well as limit training sessions. You may need to ride your bike in a city or town that is considered as friendly and free of pollution. This will improve your lung health and give you a fun ride.

Best cycling city

Copenhagen city in Denmark.

Its government has put up bridges and infrastructure specially made for bicycles. Their aim is to connect the locals to their city. This is because almost 80% 0f their population owns a bike.

It is a clean city and most of the people do not drive cars but prefer to ride to either their work places or running other errands. There is less pollution and its friendly for their rides.


On the other hand, Netherlands has had more bikes per capita than any other city in the world. Around 99% of the population are cyclists. That’s just amazing.

Due to the infrastructure and less populated cities, it appears in the top rankings as the friendly cycling country. Most of their people go to work riding on bikes, that saves time while keeping the town clean.

New Zealand (Christchurch)

Since the earthquake that hit in 2011, most of the roads were blocked. In trying the city cleanup, cycling took on a means of transport.

In need to make the country more important and going, cycling infrastructure featured well on the list of many residents.

After the cleanup, the country has at least 7% of people who commute using bikes today.

United States of America (Davis, California)

Having more cyclist commuting by bikes is the best a city can have. For instance, Davis is among the cyclist friendly cities in USA.

Over 23.5 % of the tows population commute on bikes to beat the countries busy metropolises. They save a lot of time too.

Most of these cities aim at creating a sound and safe environment for their residents. In their government infrastructure, they have an added post for bikes.

In some of the cities riding bikes increases the net profit unlike when travel by other means which drop the net profit.

In conclusion

Bicycles are an easy way and means of transport of all time. Easy to maintain and buy, you can enjoy rides without worrying about anything.

They come with many advantages to make you have fun and staying healthy at the same time.

If we all embraced cycling, we could have a better world with no pollution and increased production due to time saving.

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