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Writing is as critical a component as reading, speaking, and even math. It will impact how your student will perform in high school, in college, and even in the workforce. So, it is important for your child to have a strong writing foundation in order to maintain the highest grades in other subjects. Writing Tutoring at Suprex Learning can help. Our Writing Tutoring services can assist students with brainstorming and revising coursework essays, as well as help develop voice in writing.

It may seem incongruous, but writing truly is an essential element in every subject; it is how we communicate with our peers and our instructors – how we convey mastery of any given subject. Writing Tutoring at Suprex Learning covers many different types of writing, including:

Descriptive Writing

What is it?

How to improve it?

Improving descriptive writing is, perhaps, more simple than other types of writing. Talking out loud about the item/person/idea being described to someone who does not know anything about it is usually a good way to judge the quality and amount of information provided.

Why improve it?

Descriptive writing is one of the most fundamental types of writing. It is used to talk about events in a story, the procedure of an experiment, and ideas about any given topic. Improving your child’s descriptive writing skills will improve their ability to communicate their thoughts to teachers, prospective employers and to college admissions administrators.

Narrative Writing

What is it?

Narrative writing is the writing of storytelling. It usually takes more time to improve and is much more closely associated with the writer. Each person’s voice is different and narrative writing is their best opportunity to show off that voice. However, storytelling is not just for fiction. To be persuasive, one must craft a tale – a reason for the audience to rally support and sympathy. To keep analytical writing from becoming too boring to bear, narrative writing can help turn cold science into a quest for answers, a journey.

Practice, practice, practice. It takes time and lots of practice for writers to find their voice. What our tutors can do to speed up this process is provide writing exercises that focus on concision, details and flow, as well as an experienced opinion on the areas in which your student is strongest and weakest.

Why improve it

Simply put, improving your child’s narrative writing will make everything they write more reader friendly. It could be said that every communication is a story and the skill with which that story is told can make all the difference in how it is received.

Persuasive Writing

What is it?

Many types of writing work in tandem to produce persuasive writing. The ultimate goal of persuasive writing is to convince the reader to accept your argument. An obvious example of persuasive writing might be a political speech – the candidate wants to gain the trust and support of the audience so that they will vote for them when the election comes.

How to improve it?

Suprex writing tutors will help your student improve their persuasive writing by studying the construct of a good argument and learning the powers of ethos, logos and pathos. These two are the most fundamental lessons for improving persuasive writing. Exercises in identifying flaws in logic as well as in finding a plausible way to fix flawed logic will strengthen your child’s understanding of how an argument works, and what makes for a strong one.

Why improve it?

Most timed writing on standardized tests like the SAT or English AP test will be expecting a persuasive, well organized essay. Writing is a fact of life, it is how we communicate and second to getting the point across, swaying the audience to favor one side over another is a paramount skill. Rhetoric can be found in disciplines throughout the Liberal Arts and does play a smaller, but no less important role in the sciences and engineering.

Expository Writing

What is it?

How to improve it?

Why improve it?

Strengthening your expository writing will in turn strengthen all other types of writing. Because good grammar, varied sentence structure and strong transitions make it easier for readers to follow the story.

Creative Writing

What is it?

How to improve it?

Again, practice, practice, practice. Just as we practice speaking the English language every day, writing needs the same attention. Even little 50 word quick writes and journaling will help improve your child’s writing skills and build confidence in expressing themselves through the written word.

Why improve it?

It may seem odd to tutor something like creative writing, but then other creative outlets have teachers and lessons, for example music or art. Writing is not any different, there are fundamentals that can be taught, but a guiding hand is still needed to expand, strengthen and improve.

Education & Certification

. that I was able to break down explanations from the student’s class and reformulate them into a version that is compatible with their way of thinking. I aim to use my empathy and sensitivity to students’ unique struggles and learning styles to teach concepts and problem-solving strategies in an individualized manner. While I specialize in chemistry, I happily tutor a variety of other subjects and also employ expertise gained in my French and linguistics minors.

. for other standardized tests such as the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT. I also teach a bi-weekly SAT Prep course in Glendale, and an advanced Competition Math class for two age groups (6-8 and 9-12). It’s a lot of fun! I’ve always found math pretty neat and like to get students interested in it too! I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to do a lot of it during my quarter-century on this planetRussia.


What are online writing tutoring services?

Online writing tutoring services are virtual companies that can connect students with tutors. These companies may be tailored towards a particular demographic or style of writing, or they may be a more general tutoring platform that covers a wide range of subjects.

Who should use online writing tutoring services?

Anyone and everyone can take advantage of online writing tutoring services. More than most other skills, writing is something that students begin learning at a young age and continue to utilize throughout the rest of their lives. Whether you are struggling with a particular style of writing, or are seeking feedback on an essay or cover letter, there are online writing tutoring services catered to your particular needs.

How much do online writing tutoring services cost?

The cost of online writing tutoring services varies from service to service, as do the pricing plans. While some tutoring services will charge by the minute or hour, others will charge a monthly membership fee or include several packages to choose between.

What should you look for in online writing tutoring services?

There are many factors to consider before selecting an online tutoring service. You should look for the style of tutoring, the virtual learning tools that the service utilizes, the added benefits included in a package or membership, and the quality of the tutors in each network.

What are the pros of using online writing tutoring services?

Online tutoring is more convenient, accessible, and affordable than in-person tutoring. Not only does online tutoring provide most of the same benefits as in-person tutoring, but it’s also much easier to find a tutor that specializes in your area of interest and can cater to your learning style. Without a commute to worry about, it’s far easier to squeeze online tutoring into your busy schedule.

What are the cons of using online writing tutoring services?

Some individuals, particularly younger children or students with learning disabilities and special needs may struggle with learning online. Consider your child’s learning style before you opt for an online tutoring service. If they struggle to remain engaged or sit still for long periods of time, in-person hands-on learning may be better suited to their needs.


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