Benefits of cycling

Besides swimming and running, cycling is a way to go. It is very convenient hand has the full body involved. Cycling frequently will have a great effect on your life both mentally and psychologically.

Cycling is very important as a form of exercise. Due to the increased lifestyle complications such as obesity and diseases, doctors recommend cycling as a way to help correct these problems. It also has some health benefits to make you try it out. For instance:

Improved health

Moderate exercises have been found to boost the immune system. Once that is achieved, you will be protected against diseases.

A study from the British Medical Association found out that riding for 20 miles weekly kept cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases as well as other disease at bay. Frequently riding bikes may reduce your sick and hospital days unlike those who never exercise.

Improved balance and coordination

When riding in different and unfamiliar terrain, you may need to be more steady. This is because, you will constantly change terrains and elevations. If you are steady, it might open your neural pathways which boost your memory and ability to think and coordinate with issues around you.

Since it’s an exercise on its own, it strengthens your back muscles giving you more balance until you age without disability and protecting you against injury. Additionally, once your brain is active all times, you can make sound decisions and coordinate issues effectively.

Boost your brain power

Exercise improves brain health in many instances. Besides the mood changes, this might prevent stroke.

A 2013 study found that when you exercise, blood flow rises in more parts of the brain. More blood flow may leave you feeling good and having more brain activities. You might have a better memory and a better cognitive change.

Whole body workout

Mountain biking does not only emphasize on your leg muscles but also the entire body. It is known to strengthen the thighs, legs and also the butt. You will have a toned body, healthy and less sore muscles.

It is known to concentrate on the upper body too for more balance while strengthening the back and neck muscles making the spine strong.

Have a look at nature

Mountain biking is another way for having fun. As you will be riding on different terrains with dust, stones as well as amazing bushes and trees, you will more like nature and appreciate what we have.

Most cyclists have gone green after exploring nature as they learned how to take care of various species of trees and animals.

Optimizes on fat burning

Mountain biking is an excellent exercise form. Since all your muscles are involved, you tend to increase activity of your heart which helps in facilitating fat burning. You can lose an incredible amount of weight from riding, an amazing deal right?

Additionally, since you will be sweating a lot, your body will excrete harmful toxins giving way to weight loss and healthier you.

Cuts heart disease and cancer risk

Cycling may increase heart beat and pumps your blood all over your body. It is among the selected exercise by the NHS as being a healthy way to cut your risk of developing major illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.

A recent study from the university of Glasgow saw that, cycling cut the development of heart disease and cancer by half.

Better and improved sleep

If you have irregular sleeping patterns, you should try biking. After riding, you will feel more worn out and tired. Exercises have been known to decrease the hormone cortisol, which is known to keep us awake.

Once it is controlled, you will have healthy sleep and awake cycles. Mountain biking exposes you to daylight which helps balance your body’s natural cycles and vitamins too.

However, too much exercise will have a negative impact on your sleep cycle.

Boosts your lung health

A study by the Healthy Air Campaign, Kings College London and Camden Council shows that people who cycle everyday have fewer chances of exposing themselves to dangerous fumes than those by car thus boosting lung health. They concluded that, drivers were exposed more times to pollution unlike those who cycle or walk.


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