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compulsory schooling uk

compulsory schooling uk

Children born between 1 April and 31 August can start the September after they turn 5.
If you do not think your child is ready to start school by then, they can start part-way through the year or part time – as long as they are in full-time education by the time they reach ‘compulsory school age’.

If you turn 16 between 1 October and the end of February you can leave at the start of the Christmas holidays in that school year.
You must then do one of the following until you’re 18:

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Compulsory schooling uk
Our aim is to support and promote parents’ rights to provide their children with the best education for each of them, as individuals.
With your support we can provide help and advice for home educating families and children.

Your parents, by law, must make sure that you are in full-time education from the term after your fifth birthday. This is called compulsory school age. From this age, you must either be in school or receive home education.

  • children who will turn 5 between 1st January and 31st March are of compulsory school age at the beginning of the term after 1st April
  • children who will turn 5 between 1st April and 31st August are of compulsory school age from the beginning of the term after 1st September
  • children who will turn 5 between 1st September and 31st December are of compulsory school age from the beginning of the term after 1st January.

Owing to the current exceptional circumstances, there is very limited telephone access to the Pupil Services Team. For any queries, please email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Children are required by law to receive full-time education at the start of the school term following their fifth birthday but have the opportunity to start in the reception year in the September following their fourth birthday. Children are normally admitted to the reception year at school in the September following their fourth birthday.

Compulsory schooling uk

  1. “I can’t wait to leave school!”
  2. “Why do we have to leave school?”

Today, students must continue education or training until the age of 18. However, students have a choice of whether to stay in full-time education or to choose a more vocational route, such as an apprenticeship.



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