Factor to consider before purchasing the perfect bike

Having rode once with a wrong bike, I decided to write this review to give you an easy way out getting the best because it cost me more.

Since there are a wide variety of bikes o choose from, you may need to have certain aspects to guide you. This is because, it would be an investment to last for a longer period without affecting its performance.

Ensure you look for the following aspects:

Features Handlebar

Always ensure you have the most comfortable and well-shaped handlebar. This is because, if you have one that is wrongly placed, it can cause back and spinal problems in the long run.

Fortunately, there are different kinds of bars for our comfort. for instance:

  • Flat bar – This heavy duty and strong features of a handlebar makes it effective for relieving pressure from your arm, wrists and shoulders. However, it is common with selected mountain or road bikes, you can go for them as they will give you a more responsive position for more comfort.
  • Drop bar – On the other hand, this works will with most road bikes due to their simplicity and light feel. They will give you the best maneuverability but puts pressure on your back.
  • Riser bar – This king is common with mountain bikes. their special design, slightly higher than the seat gives you more comfort and balanced steering. It also gives your bike its appropriate balance.


A good bike should have the best pair of brakes. If you have a slow pair of brakes, you are prone to accidents. Fortunately, there are a variety of brake types on the market for you to choose from. They include:

  • Drum brakes – This is a way to go when you cycle all over. Most of them are heavy duty as well as durable and are designed to beat all weather including mud, dust or moisture. However, they may not be a perfect choice for mountain bikes rather use in hybrid bikes.
  • Disc Brakes – They may be found in hydraulic and cable disc brakes. Most of them are very effective for all weather conditions and terrains. However, they may need more upkeep, they ensure you have a controlled cycling all through. more so, these brakes tend to have a strong and effective stopping power.
  • Rim brakes – On the other hand, these are a great pair of brakes but may not work effectively with mountain bikes as they are not designed to handle the harshest weather condition like the disc brakes. Fortunately, they are easy to replace and maintain. You can easily fix hem using levers or cables and it is good to go.


Bikes come in different budget range to fit your needs. Those with more features and higher performance tend to be costlier.

If you need a simple bike for your cycling needs, consider the cheaper ones but you will have to buy the safety gears separately.

You should not strain your pocket as they all work the same but the durability and performance differs.

If what you need is a durable and robust bike, you might need to invest in an expensive one.

Type of bike

There are various types of bikes that offer different riding experience. For example: mountain, road and hybrid, kids, cyclocross bikes and many more.

Depending on the need you have at hand, consider knowing their capabilities and features and what terrain they are designed to handle before getting one.

Where to ride them

Knowing your terrain will help you make the perfect choice. Understanding this will give you a clear picture of what you really need.

Some models are built for rough, steep, sloppy, flat terrains and also on road. If it’s for professional need such as for cyclocross cycling on rough and sloppy terrain, you might need a stronger bike unlike on road which the simple bike may work.

Bike accessories

Since you may need to be protected during rides, ensure you get a bike that has safety gears such as helmets for head protection, gloves to absorb vibrations as well as shoes for pedaling.

Some cheaper models require you to purchase them separately while most costlier ones come with them.

Bike size

A bike that fits your height well will give you more flexibility and comfort to ride even more. A perfect fit will ensure you have better handling, confidence on the trail to help you tackle more technical and challenging rides.

All bike models come in small, medium and large sizes to fit your preference. To know which really fits you, height might be a factor as it corresponds well with size.

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