Geared or Non-Geared cycle

This article is going to give you a clear view of both geared and gearless bikes by understanding both their pros and cons. You will be able to find out which one is the best and most recommended.

There are various types of no geared bicycles. They include:

Fixed wheel cycles

Also known as the fixie bikes, they have the pedals fixed at the back of the wheel. They cannot be moved unless when you ride using the pedals.

They are distinct because their drivetrain is built without a freewheel mechanism. This mechanism is effective as it lets you coast down the road once you have gained momentum without pedaling.

Some models lack brakes which make them less effective if you are a newbie or are riding in a crowded or rough terrain.

Since they have a simple design, problems hardly occur and if they occur, they can be rectified in no time. Simplicity means less costs and easy maneuverability.

They are best for training as they have less hardware attached thus light. They are also good looking with various colors to choose from.

Freewheel Cycles

Also called the normal or regular bikes. Most people prefer this as they are not connected to the back wheels. You can move them freely without pedaling mostly when downhill as the gravity helps move and cruise with ease.

The brakes also help you stop without worry.

What are the Pros of Gearless Cycles?

  • They are easy to use You cans simply have a nice ride without worrying of which gear to turn
  • Most of them have fewer components which are easy to build
  • They are easy to maintain
  • They are more affordable

What are the cons?

  • It requires more power for faster speed
  • May put more strain and pressure on your legs and feet mostly during long rides
  • They are not effective in rough, hilly or sloppy terrains
  • You can easily lose control and flexibility

Geared cycles

For more complex and rough terrain, geared bikes are the best. You are able to change the gears depending on the complexity of the trail.

They feature sprockets of different diameters in the rear of cycles. This helps you pedal and ride at top speed.

It is constructed using multiple gears and robust materials which makes them costly.

Geared cycles makes it easy for you changing the transmission and easy movement. You do not use more power to pedal.

However, it is very complex thus maintenance costs are high. Additionally, they may take more time to repair because of the more attachments.

You will have more control over your bike. You will be able to stop it in any environment and can be used by all both learners and experienced riders.

They are built to last and can handle all terrains and ride well on hills too.

Advantages of geared cycles

  • You can adjust your gear as per the trail you are own
  • They give you more control and balance of your bike
  • The gears help you ride faster with ease
  • You can ride for a longer distance unlike the counterparts

Disadvantages of geared cycles

  • They are quite expensive in terms of purchase as well as maintenance
  • May be heavy due to the many attachments
  • Take a lot of time to repair

If you need to enjoy your ride for long distances in a cheaper and simpler way, consider the single geared cycle which is more effective on flat terrain.

However, if what you need is a strong, comfortable and high performance bike for all your cycling needs, you may want to consider the multiple gear cycle.

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