How to Choose a Bike That Fits You

Having a bike that you can cycle while traveling or a sport or for running errands is a fantastic feeling. There are hundreds of different models of bicycles that are available today on the market. The cyberspace is littered with volumes of information on bikes that it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint where you could get started to enable you to get what you want. Many cycling articles discover the benefits of cycling for health, history and origin of cycling, types of bikes and so on. But in this guide I have pieced up the most important things to look out for when choosing a bike that fits you.

  • Budget

 For any, the most crucial aspect is your budget. Having a lean budget doesn’t necessarily translate to you not having the cycling experience you yearn for. You only need to be prudent enough on your financial decision and choose the components that you are invested in. A reliable second-hand bike will cost you $200 to $ 400 while the best quality bikes will cost you around $2000 for a brand new and fully equipped model

  •  Mileage

 If you plan to cycle in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or other developed nations, you will have fewer worries over having the best bike. Quality spare parts and replacements are always readily available.

If you got to less developed countries, it is going to be a little more challenging to get quality spare parts and replacements for your bike. In that case, you will be required to plan.

It is recommended that you pick 26″wheels, V- brakes and a steel frame. Those are standard components.

  • Trip Duration

For short distance cycling, I would recommend any bike. For long distance, get a bike with a robust build and is designed for lengthy cycling.

For an armature cyclist, get yourself a cheap bike so that the short time you will be on the road, you will be able to analyze what components you think you need to invest more in. By the time you progress to lengthy cycling, you will have rectified the mistakes you made in your previous choices.

  • When Using Public Transport

 In case you will require to use public transport such as a train, bus or a plane, it is essential to pick the best bike. A tandem bike or a trolley will come in handy in those situations to prevent you from getting yourself stressed out on how to transport your bike.

Bikes that are foldable like Brompton are durable and small. They are primarily for medium distance, especially when you are using a flight or a bus to travel.

  • A Comfortable Model

Conventionally cyclists will overlook comfort for speed. You do not want to spend a lot of hours on the saddle while trying to beat some speeds. The frame geometry should afford the rider comfort when he or she sits in an upright position.

Always try out a bike at the bike shop so that you are guaranteed it will offer you the comfort you deserve. You do not want to come back with a sore neck or knees after a ride. Ensure a bike has the right components adjustments to get a satisfying cycling experience.

  • Important Components

It is always important to check some very crucial components for a bike.

These include:

  • Saddle
  • Suspension
  • Tires
  • Drive Chains
  • Brakes
  • Handlebar
  • Racks
  • Water Bottle Holders

To sum it up, getting the cycling experience you deserve must be taken seriously. You need to consider the above elements if you are to get a bike that fits your needs.

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