How to Get an A+ on Your “Cycling vs. Riding a Car” Paper

Essays and writing projects are common requirements in school. If you are in college, this should no longer surprise you because you have already received writing assignments when you were in high school or even in your elementary years. Even non-English subjects like Science, Health, History, and Music would require writing projects.

If you are not into writing, an essay project will mean another challenging task. By now, you may be thinking of typing in the search engine “pay someone to write my essay.” That is an easy solution for students who are not confident with their writing skills.

While it is true that essay-writing services can help you in your writing woes, we still recommend that you try writing your paper first. After all, it is best to be a responsible and disciplined student. If your main concern is your ability to write, don’t worry. In this article, we will guide and help you write an A+-worthy paper even if you think you are not good at writing.


Main Topic: Why Is Cycling Better Than Riding a Car

The topic “why is cycling better than riding a car” may be assigned to you by your English, Health, or Science teacher. This is an interesting topic to write about, but the question is this: how can you expound on such a specific topic? You can answer the question with a yes or no, so how can you make an essay about it?

Check our essay-writing tips below.


Explaining Essay

The topic “why is cycling better than riding a car” is an explaining essay. Your main goal, as the writer, is to give a clear answer to the why part. You should be able to convince your readers through your explanation.

Keep in mind that an explaining essay elucidates the cause or effect of something. In some cases, you need to explain both the cause and effect. For this topic, the cause would be cycling and the effect would be the benefits of cycling. Also, it is best to have an organizing strategy so you will have a clear idea of how to structure your thoughts and bring them together.

There are two ways to organize your explaining essay:

  1. Arrange the information from the least important to the most important.
  2. Classify by various attributes of cause.

Give your subjects a clear definition.

In this topic, your subjects are cycling and riding a car. You have to define and describe each mode of transportation. Look for reliable and credible facts to back up your definitions, and don’t forget to give credit to your references.

Explain the pros and cons of each subject.

This is where you can elaborate on your topic. Enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of each subject. Give each point a clear explanation.

If you haven’t written an explaining essay, you may get intimidated at first. But don’t worry, you will find a myriad of information online and offline. You just have to flex your research skills a bit here.

Research for thought-provoking details.

When it comes to research, you have to make sure you are getting the right and interesting details. You can expect several materials that you can use online, but you have to check them first before you decide to include them. Some information may just come from a forum and people’s comments and reactions. You do not need to copy everything you see online. You also have to make sure your pieces of information are valid and credible.

Create an outline.

The easiest way to organize your thoughts is to create an outline. Focus on these three: introduction, body, and conclusion. Make your introduction interesting so that readers will be motivated to finish reading your essay.

Moreover, use transitional words and phrases to ensure that your paragraphs have connecting thoughts.

On the other hand, flesh out your details in the body of your essay and conclude with a strong conviction or call to action. Your concluding note should challenge your readers to make that switch—from riding a car to cycling.

Ready to write now? These tips, when followed, should help you produce an A+-worthy paper.

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