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levels of study uk

levels of study uk

If you need to know the level of a qualification, you can:

  • see a list of qualification levels in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • use the Register of Regulated Qualifications – if you know the name of the qualification and the exam board that runs it
  • compare qualification levels from other countries

If you are an Indian student, SI-UK recommends the following schools to study A-Levels in the UK:
If you would like your son or daughter to study A-Levels in the UK, please arrange your free consultation in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune and Coimbatore.

Level 5 is the equivalent to the second year of a Bachelor’s Degree programme. It is also equivalent to a HND diploma. The Level 5 course also has 10 modules and 8 assignments, which also provide the student with 120 university credits upon completion.
Upon completion of a Level 6 course, you will be eligible for admission onto a Postgraduate Business programme, including an MBA course. The level 6 course is made up of 10 modules and 6 written assignments.

Levels of study uk
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