Top bike brands

Worrying of what to choose, consider getting one of this powerful brands. You can never go wrong. They will ensure you have the best experience in cycling. Most of the brands have the riders needs at heart and are featuring technology in their design  to give you the best.

There are more brands on the market that are the best but let’s look at a few.


Trek as a brand was founded in 1976 by John Burke and has been known for their durability and high performance bikes all over the world.

They are popular and are considered as the best market bicycle brand as they sell their products using different brand names such as the Gary Fisher and Klein. They have marketed their products in over 90 countries.

Trek bikes have the best features, strong structured frames as well as tailored construction to take on the toughest terrain and rides.  They are designed to ensure you have the best rides.


This brand is an outstanding choice. Founded in 1988 and still owned by their original owners, Jacob Helbron and Dan Gerhard in Vancouver.

They are well known for their complete range of bicycles such as road, cyclocross and even commuter. Most of their bikes have been developed using wide range of materials including carbon, steel and aluminium for more strength, performance and smooth ride.

They boast of a wide range of experience and design in their quality work. All their employees are cyclists and have an idea of what you really need.

Kona has an outstanding connection as their products are sold in over 60 countries all over the world. Their bikes are specially designed and tested by their own, Je Murray who was a two-time US National mountain bike champion. They know what every rider needs. You should try this.

Giant Bicycle

If you are considering a professional bike that is most recommended, look no further. Giant, from the Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd, a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer as a brand is what you need. They are popular for their mountain and hybrid bikes.

Since its founding in 1972 by King Liu, has expanded its facilities in Taiwan, China and Netherlands and sells its bikes in over 50 countries.

Giant bikes are designed to handle all terrain from the powerful wheels, unique design and dual suspensions puts it at the top. Get one without worry.


This is a popular American brand of bicycles. Mostly common for their high performance bikes and bike parts. They have also gained popularity in the sporting industry, in the Olympics than any other brand.

It was founded by Mike Sinyard in 1974. Since then, they have produced their bikes using an advanced technology for strong frames for more performance and strength.

Fortunately, they come in all price ranges for your cycling adventure.

GT Bike

GT is a popular name in the sporting industry.  Since its founding in 1972 by Gary Turner and Richard Long, it has been known to produce high quality bikes by spearheading the BMX bicycles.

They design and manufacture mountain, road and BMX bikes. They feature an advanced technology and wide range of high quality materials to give you more confidence in its performance and strength.

Moreover, its triple triangle design made it more unique than other brands. You are also sure of more comfort. They also market for Cannondale, Iron Horse and Road master bicycle brands.

Santa Cruz bike

This brand is among the popular and best choice since its founding in 1993 by rob roskopp. Based in Santa Cruz, California, they specialize in advanced bikes for all your needs.

The incorporate technology and innovation in making their bikes more durable and strong to handle all pressure and weather conditions. It is recognized when its syndicate mountain biking team won the 4th UCI mountain bike trials world championships.

Made from the finest materials, you are sure of its high performance and durability. You cannot go wrong with one of these power machines. It is also lightweight for more effectiveness and control.

Moreover, its special design makes it easy to move around in high speed beating even the roughest terrain and other weather conditions.

Besides that, its strong wheels make you anxious to ride on. They are among the professional bikes you can find on the market for all your needs.