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what’s the highest level of education uk

what’s the highest level of education uk

To better serve your students in and out of the classroom, find out more about their (and their parents’) background. Created by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, this expert-certified demographics survey template will get you started on familiarizing yourself with both parents and their children. From questions on their child’s race to which languages they speak at home with their child, this parent survey helps you get to know your student population quickly.
This survey asks parents to provide basic demographics information on themselves and their children. What is their race and their child’s race? Which language(s) do they speak at home? What is the highest level of education they have completed? Collect this information because there’s no better way to get to know your students than to understand where they come from. For multi-dimensional profiles of your students, this template can be customized or combined with other Harvard Graduate School of Education Parent Surveys.

Highest to Lowest degree classification (marks out of 100):
This is the UK system of degree classification. This is not the same as a GPA or other international grading systems.

The careers section will give you an idea of where the CTA can take you. Gaining the CTA sets you on the right path to a fulfilling career in taxation.
Most typical CTA students complete the modular seven exams in two to three years. One important point to note is regardless of how quickly students may complete the examinations, the CTA qualification is not awarded until they have three years of relevant professional experience, and have applied to become a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation.



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